Purchasing Fencing Equipment

What will I need?

Your first purchase will be your fencing uniform. You will need to purchase a Mask, Jacket, Glove, Plastron (under arm protector), Knickers (pants), and Socks. Women will also need to purchase a Chest Protector, this is optional for men although it may be sensible for children. Vendors often package this equipment together excluding the socks. Fencing socks may be any color or design as long as the entire leg is covered. Soccer socks work well. There are a variety of fencing bags available from each vendor. Often times one will be available in their starter kits.

Fencing GearSizes between vendors may vary. Often you can find a sizing chart on their web page or you can call them for help. It may be best to order over the phone the first time to ensure you have the correct items. There will be some choices beyond size when ordering the following items:

Mask – Depending on the weapon you fence, you should order either an epee, foil or sabre mask. If you fence multiple weapons, you will need multiple masks.

Jacket – Ask for a “Front Close” jacket. Specify either left or right handed.

Glove – Specify either right or left handed. For Sabre, an FIE glove with conductive cuff is required.

You may notice some equipment is labeled as “FIE.” This means it is approved for international level competitions. FIE approved equipment is not necessary for practice or local competition with the exception of an FIE Sabre glove.

What about “electric” equipment?

Competitions require a minimum of two working electric weapons, two body cords, and two mask cords (for foil and sabre). It’s also a good idea to have two at practice as well. Vendors also package these together in “competition sets.”

You will be asked to choose a point type for foils and epees, either French or German. Typically French parts are less expensive, but German parts last longer. Make a note of which ever you choose so all your future weapons will be consistent. German is recommended.

On a Foil and Epee you are able to specify a grip. Here is a listing of the more common grips, but not a complete list. Often grips will be available in different sizes and vary slightly from vendors. It’s best to try different grips at the club.


For Epee an Electric Epee, Body Cord, and Epee Mask are needed.



For foil you will need an Electric Foil, Lame, Mask Cord, Body Cord and Foil Mask. There are two types of body cords; the “Two Prong” style (as shown) and the “Bayonet.”  The Two Prong type is more popular and recommended.



For Sabre you will need an Electric Sabre, Lame, FIE Sabre Glove (or an FIE Glove with a Sabre Cuff (manchette)), Mask Cord, Body Cord, and Sabre Mask. Some vendors sell a glove with the conductive material as part of it so the over glove is unnecessary. There are two types of body cords; the “Two Prong” style (as shown) and the “Bayonet.”  The Two Prong type is more popular and recommended.ElecSabre2


How do I repair and maintain my equipment?

See this page for information on repairing your equipment.


Where can I purchase this equipment from?

The following is a brief list of some vendors to choose from. More can be found at usfencing.org.

Absolute Fencing Gear http://www.absolutefencinggear.com The Fencing Post http://thefencingpost.com
Blade Fencing Equipment http://www.blade-fencing.com Triplette Competition Arms
Blue-Gauntlet Fencing
Victory Fencing Gear